You are heard by us. You’re disappointed we would not communicate more about the economic state of this organization due to the international COVID-19 pandemic previously

You are heard by us. You’re disappointed we would not communicate more about the economic state of this organization due to the international COVID-19 pandemic previously

I really hope you’ll find a real means to invest in most of the expenses

I understand it is high priced because i will be additionally in site company and understand how much web hosting such a large site can price, plus all designers you must spend and etc.

Here’s a relevant question that is maybe not been answered. What many people want to know is the reason why you didn’t alert us before securing us away from our reports? This will be most likely the solitary many hurtful part of this move that is new and contains triggered anger among numerous who otherwise might have been happy to spend. Considering that the choice for this had been made weeks hence, you had enough time to inform us first. That will at least have offered us the chance to select freely between having to pay or making. It could additionally give people who made a decision to keep the opportunity to leave gracefully, arrange their relationships regarding the platform, inform their friends and old hosts and visitors associated with the situation and keep information that is forwarding. Alternatively, all they have is an alternative to request an information dump of the profile. Therefore, once more, why do you elect to do so because of this?

I believe you’ve misinterpreted one thing. Individuals aren’t saying you’re holding the info hostage, it is that you’re holding the *community* hostage. I did son’t have enough time to content my friends on Couchsurfing and provide a alternative type of contact. I favor exactly just what Couchsurfing is short for, and have always been very happy to subscribe to allow you to all remain afloat, however it’s most most likely that other individuals in my own community either won’t repeat this, or won’t be able to perform this.

Which means that also as you say, the network gets reduced to the people who are serious enough to contribute, I’m still not going to have a way to contact people I’ve met over the 15 years I’ve used couchsurfing, since this change was made without warning if I support Couchsurfing, and. This renders a negative flavor within my lips, and makes me disinclined to want to spend the charge within the place that is first. In the event that you permitted non-paying people to learn their communications from buddies and previous surfers/hosts without getting in a position to respond, it might deal with this problem.

Also, a lot of people who host don’t want to fund the privilege of web hosting, therefore now you’re asking users to pay for whenever most of the superhosts (that are probably the most crucial area of the community) will undoubtedly be unavailable also.

Really, I believe more people would be willing to pay to continue using couchsurfing, and it would be better for your survival in the long run as well if you addressed the above concerns.

Therefore to sum up, right right here’s everything you could do in order to really show the users you worry about the city too:

– Allow hosts to get and react to sofa needs, just because they’re not paying. – Allow all users to learn communications from their ‘friends’ on couchsurfing, from individuals they’ve hosted in the last, and from people they’ve surfed with within the past

Perhaps it will be a good notion for the badges to come back, as being a recognition for the dedication that the CS have actually and therefore could offer a tad bit more

Consent it really is well well well worth to help keep cs alive agree totally that some inside that is financial good Some information on number of individuals ( compensated or perhaps not ) assist to retain the system/database ( hell of a task ) actually curious about the database ( worked in ict ) One strong advice, please clean up At final, i am verified individual, just how can i contribute ( creditcard, paypall )

Absolutely the shape for the regional discussion boards involved the city better. They also created nature to go to city that is specific due to the vibe of these teams and locals. This can be surely lost and missed when you look at the present site. Bringing this straight straight straight back would increase the community a whole lot.

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